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In our SmartBusinessPlan blog , we write about all things Startup and Businessplan. Our goal is to give you an indepth view into all topics regarding your future business, so you can write your Business Plan with ease.


31 January 2017
Master your Metrics

Metrics can make you paranoid. If you let them. Let me show you how to use your metrics efficiently and without them stressing you out.

21 December 2016
Developing a Mobile App

There are two main motivations entrepreneurs usually have for developing a mobilite app: cash in on the app hype or solve a problem. Check it out how to start!

22 November 2016
4 Mistakes to Avoid when Selling your Services

Find out about the common mistakes to avoid when selling your services – a guest article from a successful salesman.

31 October 2016
How doing the right thing at the wrong time hurts your productivity

We have all been there. A mountain of work. Everything is screaming for attention. All of it is ASAP. Learn how to handle it without losing your focus!

5 July 2016
Opening a Coffee shop: DIY vs. Franchise

Coffee Shops make for great startups. Opening a coffee shop is pretty straight forward and can be a good source of income and entrepreneurial experience.

23 June 2016
Building a sustainable Startup

To fight the decline in quality in businesses, startup entrepreneurs are searching for more sustainable ways to build a sustainable startup. Let’s go green!

18 May 2016
The Mind-Set of an Entrepreneur (Infographic)

To help you define what an entrepreneur actually is, we put together the fundamental mind-set an entrepreneur needs to succeed. In an effort to make it easier to understand we created an infographic, which will give you the basics.

9 May 2016
How to make a business proposal that works

There are several types of investors that your business proposal can be directed to. Here you find out which one will work best for your business.

13 April 2016
Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Why?

Having contact with a vast number of entrepreneurs all over the world, we are sometimes not sure if all of them are ready to enter the business sector. We are going on a journey to discover what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

1 March 2016
International Team: Chance or too much Work?

Are you afraid to build your team internationally? To relieve those worries, we are going to take a look at building an International team. We are starting things off by talking about some misconceptions that exist regarding International teams.