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Modern Layout

Be sure that everything is where you need it, cover sheet to financial plan: clearly structured and professionally designed. Nail the first impression.
SmartBusinessPlan lets you get right to it. Start writing immediately. Your idea counts, so don’t waste time formatting. The layout is already there.
You don't need Word or Excel. Your business plan automatically looks good.
The chapter structure provided gives you a red thread. So you know exactly what belongs where.

Clear structure

Have all the answers, when talking to your investors. Convince them with a comprehensive view of your plan. Show your know-how.
Who are my customers? Is there competition in the market? What are your marketing plans? Every chapter contains helpful questions to keep you on track. Just answer them step by step and your business plan will be ready in no time.
Infoboxes give you inside into technical terms. The glossary and starting guide supply in-depth information and valuable tips. All help is catered to your challenges.

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Comfortable financial planning

Be confident in your numbers. Correct and realistic numbers are essential to acquire funding. Banks and investors will pay great attention to them.
Ready made templates give you an overview over the costs you will have to consider when planning your business. They make sure you don’t overlook anything important.
Finalise your financial plan with our finance check. It will give you an idea, if your numbers are plausible. Add the finishing touches with diagrams and tables – now you are ready to go.
Changes are calculated in real time. If you change something on the top, the system will calculate all changes – all the way to the bottom. This allows you to make last minute changes without wasting huge amounts of time, checking for consequences.

Business model at a glance

Present your business model on a single page. What is the essence of your idea? How are you going to realise it?
A short and sweet business idea presentation will make sure everyone immediately understands your business idea. All that in just one minute.
The drag and drop system allows you to display and structure all vital information about your planned company. This lets you see the big picture.
When you write your business model, you are preparing your business plan. When you start writing your business plan, the business model will help you write corresponding chapters

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You can get the whole financial plan in our free demo

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Learn from successful start-ups

Increase your chances for success by learning from successful start-ups. The Start-Ups all received financing with their business plans.
Learn from 10 real business plans. Get inspired! Switch between examples, while writing your own business plan. The perfect remedy for writer's block.
Use the experience of successful entrepreneurs. Every example is a real business.
Many of the authors of our example plans now run their own businesses. Learn about industries such as gastronomy, e-commerce, hairdressing, consulting and more. Benefit from their experience!

Work together

Share your business plan with a friend or a consultant. Get feedback! Four eyes see more than two.
SmartBusinessPlan lets you share your business plan with anyone. They can leave comments in each chapter.
Have you covered your topic comprehensively? Is your market research convincing? Work together and make your business plan perfect!

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