Executive Summary

The gastronomic concept of "Die Herren Simpel" is based on the traditional values of hospitality: service, product range, knowledge of the goods and the customer - at the modern gastronomy level of an urban metropolis.

"Die Herren Simpel" wants to set an example as a dynamic institution - and provide visitors of the Hamburg Schanzenviertel with a space in its simplest form where you feel comfortable - virtually around the clock. The idea is based on a pluralistic concept. Under this concept, a cafe-lounge with living room character, a traditional bar and a sub-let unite.

An additional plus point of this concept is the garden and the conservatory. In addition, the rent for the premises are favourable at current market prices.

Due to the offered entertainment, we expect to build a distinctive brand. "Die Herren Simpel" stands not only for gastronomical, but also for cultural characteristics. We offer a creative forum to the local crowd. Using a location that already has a reputation is both an opportunity and a risk. The name "X" is a known entity in Hamburg. The opportunity exists in a further increase in the already existing popularity of the location. Risky, however, is the connection with the previous use of the property as a former drug centre. To avoid that risk, the "Die Herren Simpel” will be renamed, completely renovated and partial restored.

Most local gastronomic enterprises settle in the low-priced segment of the market, "Die Herren Simpel" therefore wants to settle in the medium-price segment. This is also a consideration for future audiences and guests. The Schanzenviertel is experiencing a gentrification that leads to an influx of people from higher income segments. Additionally a lot of renovation projects take place in the district as well as the expansion of the trade fair center and the Schanzenstraße. Thus there is a danger to be to expensive, because for example, the purchasing power does not increase as expected or the visiting public does not come. "Die Herren Simpel" can buffer those problems through the exchange of certain products, a generous price range, and existing cheap products (e.g. fresh juice).