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You are searching for helpful and inspiring business plan samples? You want to take a look at the business models of real entrepreneurs?

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Down below you will find an overview of all the current business plan samples supplied to you in our business plan software SmartBusinessPlan. You can look up what other entrepreneur wrote in the same chapter, how they described their business idea and how they structured their business plan.

Get inspired – take a look at the business ideas of entrepreneurs and their successfully funded businesses!

Café | Katharina Glücklich

Katharina Glücklich and her team

Behind every great Café, there is an entrepreneur with a big passion for the business. Our business plan sample “Café” shows you how to balance self-realisation with economical demands and the need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Online Shop | Kai Grimme

Kai Grimme Solvino

We show you how to get your online shop up and running in our business plan sample “Online Shop”. In addition to digital technology and marketing, the focus lies on an extensive market analysis in the targeted sector of delicacies and wine.

Hairdresser | Nico Müller

Nico Müller and his team

Master the financial section of your business plan. Our business plan sample “Hairdresser” goes in-depth into the art of financial planning. Revenue, costs and capital requirements are extensively explained.

Production | Stefan Schulze-Dieckhoff

Stefan Schulze-Dieckhoff and Stefan Clauss

With your business plan to your own series production: “Tent Production” is highly suited as a sample for in the lifestyle segment. Production cycles, milestones and the connected marketing of series production are presented clearly in this business plan sample.

PR Agency | Anonymous

people in an agency talking about business

This business plan sample shows how a team of entrepreneurs asserts themselves on the highly competitive market of Public Relations. What do you need to know about specialisation and how does that influence your investment plan?

3D-Printing | Ulrich Schneidt

Picture of Ulrich Schneidt

The business plan example 3D-Printing is a sample for business plans in the sector of innovative technology, engineering and B2B services. Learn how to display your complex business idea in a clear and comprehensible fashion.

Catering | Jule Bauer

Picture of Jule Bauer

They started small and now they get their first growth financing: Learn how a catering business masters this challenge in our business plan sample “Catering”. A detailed revenue plan and successful PR are the focus in this business plan example.

Communications Agency | Anonymous

People looking at whiteboard with mindmap

The business plan sample „Communications Agency” how a sole proprietor achieves a defined market position as a consultant for internal communication, using snappy arguments.

Mobile App | Max Steinmetz

Smartphone in some hands

Make your mobile app a success with our business plan sample “Mobile App”. The entrepreneurs plan an application for the insurance sector and devised a comprehensive monetary strategy.

Bar | Mathias Knees

Mathias Knees' bar

The factor for the success of a bar are the same as any other business in the gastronomic sector: Location and competition. How to come out on top in a major city scene with high competition shows our business plan sample “Bar”.