Frequently asked questions regarding SmartBusinessPlan

What do I need to get started?

You need: an idea, an internet browser and a keyboard. After that: an account at SmartBusinessPlan. Now you are good to go. If you want to print your plan once you are finished you are going to need a printer.

SmartBusinessPlan is a web application and is thus independent from the operating system. We successfully tested our application on various browsers, Windows, Mac OS and Linux:

  • Mozilla version 17.0 and up
  • Chrome version 21.0 and up
  • Safari version 5.0 and up
  • Internet Explorer version 9.0 and up

You don’t need a program for text editing (Word, Pages) or a calculation software (Excel, Numbers). SmartBusinessPlan lets you work directly and without using additional programs.

What does the trial version offer?

During your trial period you have full access to all features for 7 days. We only add a watermark to the printed PDF’s and some of the guiding questions and examples are only available in the full version. Other than that, you can put SmartBusinessPlan through its paces.

If you don’t like SmartBusinessPlan and have not activated one of our paid packages, within 7 days, the account will revert to a read-only state. 14 days after your trial has ended the account will deactivate and after an additional 14 days it will be deleted.

Will my business plan be treated confidentially?

Yes. After successfully creating your account you will receive a NDA (non-disclosure-agreement), just in case you or your business partners require one.

Our employees do not have access to the content of your business plan. We can neither read nor rate it.

What about Data protection and security?

Data Protection

Your account is password protected. Naturally we will not use your data for marketing or any other reason. We will not sell them or give access to third-parties. Here you find our Privacy Policy.


Data Security

SmartBusinessPlan only uses encrypted connections (SSL). Our server provider meets the strict DIN-ISO-Norm 27001. That means our servers are protected by infrared camera surveillance, 24/7 security personnel, alarm and error-message system, restricted access, fire and water protection, redundant energy and internet supply etc..

If you require more detail you can contact us at: [email protected]

Can I use SmartBusinessPlan in offline-mode?

Unfortunately not. SmartBusinessPlan is a web application and requires an internet connection to function. However, you can work on your business plan from everywhere and with every computer. You and your business idea don’t have to sit at home.

Can I save my business plan on my hard-drive?

SmartBusinessPlan was created as a web application. You can access it from every computer with an internet connection. You can save your business plan as a PDF on your hard-drive.

I forgot my password!

Click here and then “Forgot your password?”. Enter the mail address you used for the registration and we will send you a new password. Please change it immediately after login in.

What happens if my subscription expires, but my business plan is not finished?

First of all: Don’t Panic. If your subscription expires, your account pauses and reverts to read-only. Now you have 3 months before we delete anything and you will receive several messages before that.

If you take the “Flexible” subscription you don’t have to do anything – every month your subscription automatically renews itself. If you choose “Normal” or “Tricky” your account will revert to read-only after expiration.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in the web application. Login here, go to Account and cancel by clicking the button “Cancel Subscription” under Status.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account and all associated data in the “Account” section. Login -> Account and click the button “Delete your account”. We will send a conformation message to your mail address. Now you can irrevocably delete all your data with one last click.

Can I export my business plan?

Exporting a business plan as a printable PDF? No problem: You can export your business plan and your financial data together as a PDF- and XLSX-file (Excel). After login in go to Account and click “Export now”. Select one of your business plans and click export. SmartBusinessPlan will create a ZIP-file, which you can save. Inside are both your files.

How can I arrange my chapters?

The function “Sort the chapter” allows you to arrange text blocks, pictures and charts. You can find this function in the lower toolbar.

What is “Your Plans”?

After logging in you always land on the page “Your Plans”. Here you can edit your business plans, study the business plan examples and access the account functions. All your business plans have a button “settings”, where you can alter the settings of the business plan like editing the chapter structure.

What is “Account”?

In the Account tab you find all the functions of your account. You can see name, address and subscription length. Additionally you can buy subscriptions. Editing your mail, password and exporting your data is possible.

Some of the data you input into the account tab will appear on the cover page of your business plan. This will only happen if you enable contact information in the printing dialog.

Help! I have more questions!

Send us an email. We answer very fast. Alternatively you can check out the Help & Support Page, where you will find the starting guide (a tutorial for the basic functions of the web app) and the glossary (look up important terms and functions).