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Businessplanning: Easy & Modern

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Financial plans

Financial planning – comfortable, complete and comprehensive

Financial planning is the big challenge in every business plan. Convince yourself and others that your plan will be a financial success by using SmartBusinessPlan – without the need to spend money on expensive account courses and complex spreadsheet calculating.

Real-life examples

Business Plan Examples

Café, online shop or PR-agency – when starting your own business, a business plan is essential. Using SmartBusinessPlan you can use real-life business plans as inspiration to answer your questions: How to attractively formulate your idea? How to plan your personnel? Who is your target audience? What kind of investment is needed?

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Team Function – Successful. Together

With our team function you can share your business plan with others, comfortably and easily. You can choose between reading and writing access, so you stay in full control.



Intelligent Support for your business plan

SmartBusinessPlan makes the long and exhausting search for guides, templates and calculations-tools, obsolete. Find exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

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Financing check

Our financing check evaluates, how plausible your financial plan is. You will receive an overview over the most important KPI's. This allows you to optimise your plans and improve your chances of receiving funding.

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