Executive Summary

Café Glücklich

The Café "Glücklich"

Handmade cakes, high quality coffee specialities, a tasty breakfast, savoury quiche or hearty sandwiches for lunch: Café "Glücklich" will be a place to stay, relax and enjoy, that I will be creating in the historic centre of Wismar, Weberstraße 20. The rising trend of having a favourite café with unconventional ambience, individual and friendly service has been very successful in cities like Berlin or Hamburg. Wismar is currently lacking such a location.
I, Katharina Glücklich, am experienced in both gastronomy and event management. Added to that, can be my baking skills and the talent to be a very good host.
The café will be profitable from day one. Turning the planned location into Café "Glücklich" will require 48.000 €, of which I will invest 14.000 €.