SmartBusinessPlan goes Global


It is finally here. After 6 months of tweaking and polishing, we can finally announce that SmartBusinessPlan International is finished. From this point on SmartBusinessPlan UK is SmartBusinessPlan International.

As you know, we launched our UK version during summer 2015, after successfully launching SmartBusinessPlan Brazil. What we didn’t anticipate was the crowd this would attract. We planned that there would maybe be some visits from the US and Ireland. Instead, we received visitors from all over the world. Especially the number of visitors from not traditionally English speaking countries surprised us.

Not wanting to disappoint our new audience, we made a plan. SmartBusinessPlan would become more International. So we got to work.

What’s new?

If you are one of our German or Brazilian customers, you know that we added some exciting features in the last months. That said, the launch of SmartBusinessPlan International brings its own basket of goodies:

  • We added a Team Function that makes it easier, for you and your team, to work on your business plan.
  • We added a currency selection to our software. So if you want to start a business in Italy, but you want your finances to be in Yen, now you can.
  • We expanded our country selection greatly.

If you are new to our software, you can have a look at our main page. From there you can explore our example business plans and our various functions.

What will be even newer?

Our development team is never content with what they already achieved, so they are tirelessly remodelling, innovating and generally improving SmartBusinessPlan. So, here is what we are planning for you, in the future:

  • Business Model Canvas: a way to gain a quick overview over the key parts of your business. Excellent way of tweaking your idea without having to write a whole business plan.
  • More examples. We are always interested in additional business plan examples. If you want to help aspiring entrepreneurs by having your business plan featured in our software, let us know.
  • More languages. Right now SmartBusinessPlan can be used in English, German and Portuguese. As with the countries, we are always eager to expand that list.

Onward to the future!

Going global is a big step for us. We started in Germany. Once we were established, we moved on to all German-speaking countries. Austria and Switzerland joined. To prove our success in those countries was no local phenomenon we launched both SmartBusinessPlan Brazil and SmartBusinessPlan UK. New culture, new language and new everything. After some getting used to, those challenges were not too difficult to overcome. Asking ourselves what would be next, our goal was quite clear. Following a vision and starting your own company wasn’t something that’s unique to any place on earth, it’s global.

SmartBusinessPlan International in our next big step towards fulfilling SmartBusinessPlan's full potential. So without further a due: Onward!

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