Products / Services

The goal is to achieve a high level of service for all those who want to achieve a strong visual appearance.

The Salon concept is geared towards high performance and quality service, particularly in the following areas:

  • High-quality work carried out by trained staff
  • Friendly and relaxed working atmosphere
  • Continuous marketing activities

  • The customer is king

  • Technically qualified personnel

  • Fast and easy-to-reach locations

  • Exclusive hairdressing products of company X

The salon can underline its exclusivity and professionalism with appropriate products, which are not available on the free market. We display our expertise, because who, if not the trained hairdresser has the knowledge to dress your hair?

The exclusive product line from X and individual advice for each client ensures that the hair is very well maintained and the hairstyle retained between visits.

In terms of traditional salon services, a profile as a specialist makes little sense. Rather, the local target market requires a wide range of additional services. The execution of additional services will be continuously perfected during the coming years.

There is no need to engage in a market at low price levels due to the concept and the local competitive environment. This freedom is in fact used for targeted special actions, which will positively impact the image and in extension the customer base.

Price advantages, current trends or innovations will be the occasion for special actions. The first will be the opening advertising.