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Café Glücklich


I will open Café "Glücklich" in Wismar and have determined to only use freshly made dishes, using high quality ingredients from local suppliers. I offer a simple, uncomplicated cuisine. Free range eggs, raw milk cheeses, fresh herbs  as well as seasonal products will be a fixture in the kitchen. Convenience-products will not be used at all.
I will offer the following:

  • Diverse breakfasts, from the small sweet breakfast with a croissant to the 2-people-breakfast with champagne. In addition, a brunch will be hosted every Sunday.
  • Changing lunch menu with salad and desserts
  • Variety of cakes, fresh waffles, ice cream and small baked goods like scones and cinnamon roll
  • A wide range of coffee and tea specialities, hot chocolates, soft drinks and freshly pressed juices

A picnic basket is our unique product, that comes in different types and can be customized. Additionally, we will offer "Gourmet-Seminars": cooking courses with changing themes (etc. Organic cooking, cooking with herbs, cooking movie recipes).