Our Partner Models


With our partner models you will not only impress your customers: Use our expertise to simplify and invigorate your business. Our three partner models offer all possibilities – from slim to visionary.

There is only one thing were we are inflexible: Data security is our top priority. Our users retain control over their data and intellectual property.

Model 1 – Become a Partner of SmartBusinessPlan

Support entrepreneurs with the best business plan software in Europe.


We offer:

  • Landing Page with your design
  • Shared revenue or monetary benefits for your customers
  • Customer contact and acquisition through our voucher-system and representation in the app (optional)


German Partners:

  • Leuphana University – free use for education
  • fuer-gruender.de – sales partner
  • Sparkasse KölnBonn – Start-up support with vouchers

Model 2 – Create your own custom version of SmartBusinessPlan for your customers

You want to support a specific audience or industry?


We offer:

  • Adjustment of the business plan in content, financial planning and user guidance
  • Extensive positioning of your organization as an expert, including SEM- and SEO-strategy
  • Customer contact and acquisition through our voucher-system, representation on the app and connection to further offers (optional)


German organizations with customized versions:

  • Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession – industry-specific planer for lawyers
  • Business Plan Contest Berlin-Brandenburg – adoption of proven content and new online canvas
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Model 3 – Create your own solution

Use our expertise in financial applications: On the basis of the efficient SmartBusinessPlan-technology, we optimize and standardize your business processes, incorporate existing structures and create your own OEM or white label solutions.


We offer:

  • A decade of experience in cooperating with banks and funding institutions
  • Development of advanced software, ranging from REST services to modern database forms such as non-SQL to highly dynamic web applications
  • Analysis and integration into your existing processes and architectures
  • Solutions that inspire both you and your customers – measured through Business Intelligence


Current Projects:

  • A development institution wants to track the application process for micro financing online
  • A franchise wants to support its franchisees with planning and loan application
  • A corporate investors is integrating the application into the credit assessment
  • A federal state assesses networking the funding support through a joint business plan solution

Additional Offers

Modern flat icons vector collection with long shadow effect in stylish colors of web design objects business office and marketing items. Isolated on white background.

Self-representation in the app

Customers can contact you directly though the app, if they have questions. Using a special area you can support your customers directly.

Modern design vector illustration flat icons set with long shadow style of financial service items business management symbol banking accounting and money objects. Isolated on white background.

Voucher System

You can supply your customers with a free one-month license of our software. Fully automatic.


Send us an email: [email protected]