Financial Plans – comfortable, complete and comprehensive

Financial planning is the big challenge in every business plan. Convince yourself and others that your plan will be a financial success by using SmartBusinessPlan – without the need to spend money on expensive account courses and complex spreadsheet calculating.

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User-Friendly Assistants

For every aspect of your business plan we supply the fitting assistant:

You want to add an employee? Use our personnel planer with an included salary calculator! Plan to get financed by a bank? Use our loan planer! Doing so, a complete financial plan takes shape – step-by-step.

SmartBusinessPlan is a support infrastructure, that helps you without patronizing. You decide which assistant you use. Working manually on your plan is also supported – at every stage.

Fundable 3-Year-Financial-Plan

Our calculation system transforms your data into a complete 3-Year-Financial-Plan. It will update itself automatically, every time you make a change to your data. The impact on cash-flow, revenue etc. will be visible in real-time.
SmartBusinessPlan helps to avoid critical mistakes, by e.g. automatically planing a financial reserve to buffer initial losses in the starting phase.

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Comprehensible Presentation

SmartBusinessPlan presents your 3-Year-Financial-Plan in a comprehensible format. Year-by-year tables give you an overview. Detailed monthly charts can be found in the attachment. This financial-plan satisfies the bank-standard.

Using our assistant enables you to add customized tables for e.g. cash-flow and profit calculations into every chapter.

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