We protect your Data

Your business plan is a sensitive document and we guarantee, that all plans and personal data are protected from third-party-access. A strong data security is essential for us.

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Data Security

Your data is safely stored in your account. Access is only possible by using your personal login information. Not even the employees of SmartBusinessPlan have access.

Our servers are located in a high-security data centre in Germany and the web-application only transmits data with SSL-encryption.

No Profit from data, No Side-Business

Your personal data and everything you input into your business plan, will stay confidential. We guarantee that we will neither use your information for promotional purposes, nor do we sell data or make it accessible for third-parties.

We only make money by selling SmartBusinessPlan. Out of conviction we forgo other businesses – no selling of data to salespeople or insurances etc..

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No collection of unnecessary Data

We collect personal data as sparingly as possible. Technical data like e.g. the browser version, are collected for statistical reasons and will be saved without a link to personal data.

We use cookies only to make our products more user-friendly, more effective and safer. Whenever possible we use session-cookies, which will delete themselves as soon as the session is done.

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