Get your inspiration from real Business Plans

Find out how others did it: In SmartBusinessPlan we supply business plans of successfully founded companies, so you can use them as a basis for your own business plan.

Real examples from diverse Sectors

Café, online-shop or PR-agency – when starting your own business, a business plan is essential. Using SmartBusinessPlan you can use real-life business plans as inspiration to answer your questions: How to attractively formulate your idea? How to plan your personnel? Who is your target audience? What kind of investment is needed?

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Guide – Chapter by Chapter

Our business plan examples show you how other funders planed every aspect of creating their company – chapter by chapter. By getting orientation from these examples, you can create an individual, successful business concept. Let yourself be inspired.

No Copy-Paste

Our examples are based on real business plans of successfully funded companies. Those companies graciously allowed us to use these plans as examples. To protect the private data of these companies, we anonymised parts of the business plans e.g. salaries, cost or profit, without damaging the economical plausibility. This in turn helps with orientation.

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