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Using SmartBusinessPlan you can create -not limited by idea, size or sector – your complete and financeable business plan.

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Combine text and numbers in a clever way

SmartBusinessPlan combines text and numbers of your business plan with our web-app. Instead of having two seperated processes, they synergize for a better result. By only needing the browser for your work, you save time, that would be otherwise wasted by templates and office-programs. SmartBusinessPlan always outputs a complete and comprehensive final plan. For example: You added your assistant to your plan. SmartBusinessPlan automatically adds the data to every table and form.

Safe and Mobile

Business plans and personal data can not be accessed by third parties. Naturally we abide by the laws and rules of data security. Our company only works by offering SmartBusinessPlan – any additional business with data is a no-go for us. SmartBusinessPlan can only be used with a SSL-encrypted data feed. Our servers are situated in a certified data centre in Germany. This makes it easy for you to access your business plan – wherever you are.

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Assistant System

Don’t be discouraged when you start! Guidelines point out the information that is important for every section. Seeking inspiration?  Real-life business plan examples are at your disposal. Our knowledge data base contains in-depth information. By inputting your data into our sales and cost assistant, you automatically receive a complete financial plan. The layout-templates give your business plan a professional and attractive look.

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