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The foremost thing you have to consider, when writing your business plan, is how you present it to potential investors. To have something to present you need to write down your business plan. The easiest way to do that I using a template. Templates are prewritten documents, which provide headlines and structure for your business plan. You can now input all your data to give a nice and neat structure. Beginning with an executive summary, you get headlines for every chapter, to help you orient yourself. Most templates follow a pretty similar structure: Part one should give an overview over the business model, Part 2 provides details about how the estimate will be realized and Part 3 deals with the financial side of a business program. Even this being the usual way templates are constructed, the sheer number of available business plan templates on the internet, leads to numerous structures. This brings us to the first problem of a business plan template that can be found on the Internet. Finding a template that absolutely fits your idea is close to impossible and even finding an acceptable one takes a considerable amount of time. That time wasted searching templates could be spent refining your business idea. SmartBusinessPlan lets you fully customize the chapters and the order in which they will be presented. Customization is supported by our wizards, who help you create the structure you want.


Everyone knows that feeling. You sit in front of your computer, a text document is open and you go completely blank. When the head is so full of thoughts and concepts it’s easy to lose focus. A template provides a headline that may or may not help you with expressing your idea in the chapter. SmartBusinessPlan solved that problem with a combination of several features. Unlike the template with its headline, SmartBusinessPlan provides guiding questions for every chapter. By answering those questions you already have written everything the chapter needs. If you still find your business plan lacking after answering the guiding questions, you can take a look at our examples. These examples are real life businesses and will give you all the inspiration you need. For those people who possess more of a mind for theory our glossary and our starting guide provide ample data.


Usually being in text format, templates have another significant disadvantage, when writing complex business plans. They lack interactivity. Sorting your chapters and customizing your business plan to your liking. This feature will surely help improve your business plan, but where the wizards really shine is in the financial part of the business plan. The financial part is the most complicated and exhausting part of the business plan. With the automation of most calculations, SmartBusinessPlan solves that problem. The sole thing you require to do is input your data into the respective forms and SmartBusinessPlan creates a full 3 year financial plan for you.


Templates, in general, get written and published. Sometimes, but rarely do they get updated. SmartBusinessPlan constantly work on improving existing and adding new features. Through that our web application is an evolving product that gains functionality over time. That functionality creates an ever-increasing gap of usability between SmartBusinessPlan and the usual business plan template. By taking in feedback from customers the evolution of SmartBusinessPlan follows the demands of those who require help writing the best business plan they can.


Templates are a good way to write a basic business plan. That said, when the business plan gets more and more complex, a simple template loses usefulness. Especially the calculations in the financial section of a business plan are a great obstacle to writing a full business program. SmartBusinessPlan solved that problem and made writing your business plan generally easier and more comfortable. It can be argued that SmartBusinessPlan is a template, but if that is true it’s a highly interactive, customer friendly template, which is the next evolutionary step for a business plan template.

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