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Business Plan Software – Advantages of a Web Application

The tendency in software is clear: it should be useable from any information processing system and mobile devices such as tablets. Modern business plan software should be available as a web application. Web apps are software that does not require installation on a physical hard drive. They work on an Internet browser.

Business Plan Software as a web application: User

Independent work: This is one of the big advantages for users of browser based business program software. No one has to squeeze behind the small desk in a small office. Your local coffee store or library is a better location to write a sound business plan. Changing your work location clears the head and brings fresh thoughts.

No third party programs required. By utilizing advanced web engineering, no special word or spreadsheet processing software needs installing. Writing and presentation happen in your browser.

All-in-one concept: Especially when presenting comparative content the web application provides great benefit. Business plan examples and sample financial plans can be displayed in the next tab. You can display this content in your own current chapter with a single click. Time intensive scrolling in external documents becomes obsolete. Altogether the work happens in a single window.

Constantly up to date: There is no need to worry about updates. We update the software at the source. No more worrying if you have the latest program version.

Business Plan Software: Technical Specifications

Flash has been the dominant program to display attractive content to the users for far too long. Many developers have already distanced themselves from Flash. HTML5 has become the advanced cross-platform option. With it you can create dynamic 2D and 3D graphics. Until now, that was only possible in HTML4 by using plug-ins such as Adobe Flash or Air. All modern browsers support HTML5. This makes a local installation obsolete and

Essentials for the user-friendliness of business program software

A network application should observe the motto: As much as necessary, as little as possible. The user should not have a limited range of functions. Web applications can be powerful, but only if the functions are not hidden.

Likewise, a web app should operate in various screen resolutions. A modern business plan software as a web application can be as potent as a desktop application. It is important that it is not as complicated as some of the well-known programs. Those have menus whose menu items even have fold out menus three levels deep. Modern software has a higher standard than that.


A business plan software can and should be a web app. Freedom of movement and providing all the necessary tools are the USP of a web app solution. Modern web technologies enable the same professional work, as good desktop software.

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